Thursday, March 10, 2011


The next morning, Steven tried to roll over in bed but he got a mouth full of brown hair and he felt weight on his right side. Steven smiled as the Riley’s phone rang again for what seemed like the hundredth time that morning.

“Riley,” he said brushing her hair to the side, “Babe, wake up and answer the phone for your brother.”

“Let him think I’m at school,” Riley said curling into Steven’s side. Steven kissed her forehead and ran his fingers through her hair. Steven was laying in bed with the sheet around his waist. Riley had her arm around his waist and her head on his chest.

“Your brother called last night and I really think you need to answer the phone. He called Ashley’s house and her mom said that you weren’t there.”

“What the fuck?”

“I think you need to call him,” Steven replied handing her the phone from the nightstand.

Riley hit Steve’s speed dial number and the phone rang twice and he answered, “Riley, oh thank God you’re okay.”

“I’m fine,” she replied, “I woke up late and I’m on my way to school.”

“Forget school, spend the day with me.”

“Steve, are you serious?”

“I know I’m your brother and your guardian and I’m not supposed to encourage you to skip school but come on, you need a break and we haven’t spent time together in a while.”

“Who the hell are you and what have you done with my fucking psychotic brother?”

Steven laughed and Riley hit him with a pillow, “Shut up,” she hissed covering the speaker so Steve didn’t hear her.

“Riley, are you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here,” she replied, “Where did you want to go?”

“I don’t know, what about the beach then we’ll go to dinner or lunch or something? It’ll be like old times.”

Riley couldn’t help but wipe the tear away that had fallen from her eye. Her and Steve stayed at each other’s throats and would argue all the time. They hadn’t been civil with each other since they were kids. Riley was shocked when Steve told her mom that she could come live with him in Tampa when he was traded because Riley always thought Steve hated her.

“Okay,” she choked out, “I’ll be home in half an hour.”

“Okay great,” Steve said, “I’ll be waiting.”

“Bye Steve.”

Riley hung up the phone and looked at Steven with a questioning look, “What’s wrong,” he asked sitting up and kissing her shoulder.

“My brother wants to spend the day together.”

“Is he dying or something?”

Riley sighed and shuddered closing her eyes slightly irritated with Steven, “Shit, babe, I’m sorry.”

Steven had forgotten death was a sensitive subject with Riley since her and Steve’s dad died when they were small children.

“You know I hate to even think about any more members of my family dying.”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” Steven said rubbing Riley’s shoulders placing light kisses on her neck and shoulders.

“You’re lucky that you’re good in bed or else I’d kick your ass,” Riley said turning her face to give him a kiss.

Steven laughed before wrapping his arms around her waist as they continued to kiss, “Don’t you have to get a shower?”

“Let’s conserve water,” Riley replied before Steven picked her up from the bed and carried her to the bathroom. Steven turned on the water and pulled the door closed. Riley was wetting her hair as Steven started sucking on her neck.

Riley and Steven finished their romp in the shower before they left the house so Riley could go pick up her car down the street from Ashley’s house.

“Call me later,” Steven said giving Riley a kiss before she got out of the car.

“I will, what are you going to do today?”

“I’m going to go get your birthday present.”

“I completely forgot my birthday was coming up in a week.”

“I’m the ultimate distraction,” Steven smirked causing Riley to laugh.

“That you are, I got to go or else I’m going to be late meeting Steve and he’s going to wonder where I am.”

“Have a good time,” Steven said giving her another kiss.

“Thanks,” she replied getting out of the car and into hers. She gave Steven a wave and he honked as he drove away and she headed back home to meet Steve.

Riley was surprised that she and Steve had fun when they spent the day together. He made her bury him in the sand like they were toddlers and they spent the day just catching up with each other’s lives. Steve had told Riley that he had a hard time dealing with the fact that she was no longer a child but a beautiful young woman who would be on her own in a few short years. He told her that he felt like he was losing her but he would still be there whenever she needed him.

Riley admitted that she hated Steve and who he had become after their dad died and Steve told her that he still had a hard time coping with everything that had happened. He still questions why his dad died and he survived.

“You were meant to be here for a reason, I think it was to watch over me and mom,” Riley said, “Steve, we may go head to head sometimes but you’re my brother and I love you.”

Steve looked up from his plate of food and smiled at Riley, “I love you too,” he said leaning over to kiss her forehead, “I’m sorry for making you feel like shit sometimes.”

Riley put her head on Steve’s shoulder as they sat on the beach enjoying each other’s company. She felt even guiltier keeping her secret of dating Steven, she almost came clean but decided against it. Why ruin a perfectly good bonding moment with your brother by saying, “Oh yeah by the way, I’m banging your teammate.”

One week later

“Wake up birthday girl,” Maria said bouncing on the bed as Steve stood in the doorway laughing.

“Steve, did you have to pick the girl with the energy of a fairy on crack,” Riley groaned putting the pillow over her head.

“Hey,” Maria said flopping down on Riley, “That was mean.”

“I’m a Downie, deal with it. I get my antics from my brother who’s going to wish he was never born in about five minutes.”

“Come on Riley, I have a surprise for you,” Steve said removing the pillow from her face.

“You’re really going to like it,” Maria said clapping her hands together.

“Hey Tinkerbell, calm down,” Riley said sitting up and Maria elbowed her. Both girls started laughing as they stood up to follow Steve.

“Why are we outside?”

“Close your eyes,” Steve said and Riley did as she was told.

Steve unlocked the brand new ice blue BMW Beemer that he had just purchased for Riley that morning after trading her car in, “Open them,” Maria said and Riley gasped as she did so.

“STEVE,” Riley screamed, “OH MY GOD! WHEN? HOW?”

“I saw the picture of this car in your room last week and you had a huge heart around it with pieces of paper of how you’d be able to afford it, and I know we didn’t get you a car on your sixteenth birthday, so your nineteenth birthday is better than none, right?”

“Oh my God, Steve, thank you so much! I love it.”

“Maria convinced me to buy it for you, we used your car as trade in for a down payment and I bought it flat out with my bonus.”

“You spent your bonus on me,” Riley asked.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to spend it, happy birthday,” he replied wrapping his arms around her waist giving her a kiss on her forehead.

“Thank you, wow,” she replied with a cracked voice, “It really means a lot to me.”

“You’re welcome, I love you.”

“I love you too, Steve. Maria, thank you so much too.”

“Hey, I’m a nurse practitioner I make close to what your brother makes, well I lied. I make close to a hundred thousand, he makes a couple million.”

“I like you better than any girlfriend my brother has had. His last bitches were fake titted, blonde haired, and no brained gold digging tramps.”

“How many adjectives did you just use in one sentence,” Steve asked laughing.

“You better not have any plans tonight,” Maria said, “Stammer’s having a birthday party at his place for you.”

“What,” Riley asked, “Why?”

“Vinny and Bugsy kind of convinced him to do it,” Steve said, “It’ll just be us, Ashley, Vinny, Caroline, Abby, Stammer, and Bugsy.”

“What about Hallsy?”

“He’s coming too,” Steve replied.

“Are Ryan and Abby bringing little Billy?”

“Why do you insist on calling that child Billy when everyone calls him Will?”

“I think Billy is cuter than Will.”

“I could only imagine what she will name her kids,” Steve whispered.

“Fuck you Steve,” Riley said, “I heard that fuckface.”

Maria laughed and they went back into the house, “What time are we going over to Stammer’s?”

“Seven,” Steve replied, “I mean seven too, no fashionably late I couldn’t get my hair right shit either.”

“Oh, bite me,” Riley yelled down the hall flipping him off.

Riley went to her room and grabbed her phone off the table.

So, I’m having a birthday party at your house

Steve wanted some place other than your place to have it

I cannot look at that table the same way or the counter

Speaking of which, I have alcohol that Bugsy bought. I’m getting Steve drunk then once he leaves, I’m taking advantage of you ;)

What about my present?

You’ll get that when he leaves too, I don’t want to give it to you in front of people

What is it

Like I’m telling you

Fine, no sex for a month

I do have a hand =P

Start using it then, pervert

You know you’re better than any hand could ever be

I’ll take it as a compliment I guess btw Steve bought me a Beemer

NO SHIT!!! Seriously?

Just gave it to me, him and Maria used my car as a trade in and bought it

I have a hand me down Mercedes as my first luxury car and you get a brand new Beemer. I’m the superstar in this relationship.

A little cocky, are we?

I’m just kidding, listen text me in a little bit. I have to go get your cake and stuff.

Okay, I have to get ready and then I have to go pick up Ashley, I’ll just see you at your house. I would prefer blowing you over the candles though.

Glad to know you’re just using me for my body

Goodbye, Stamkos!!

See you later, Downie!

Riley quickly deleted all of the text messages and took a shower before getting dressed. She headed over to Ashley’s and spent the day with her cruising through Tampa with the top down in her car blasting Taylor Swift.

“So, what’d your boyfriend get you,” Ashley asked.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” Riley lied.

“So, I’ve been covering for you and you’ve been texting nonstop in class for no reason. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

“I do have a boyfriend but we’re not official or anything yet and I see no sense in telling you or Steve in case it doesn’t work out.”

“Do I know him?”

“No,” Riley lied again, “He’s not from here.” That part of the lie was true, Steven was Canadian but Ashley didn’t know that.

“I’m your best friend, we tell each other everything but you won’t tell me about this mystery guy.”

“Nope,” Riley laughed as they pulled into Steven’s driveway.

“Wywee,” little Will said running over to her hugging her legs, “Happy birfday.”

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said picking him up and kissing his cheek, “Look at you looking handsome like your daddy.”

Abby waddled after her son, she was now six months pregnant with her and Ryan’s second child, “Happy birthday, Riley,” she said hugging her before Ryan came to grab Will.

“Hey kiddo, happy birthday,” he said hugging her.

“Thanks Bugsy, by the way this is Ashley,” she replied, “Ashley this is Ryan or Bugsy as we call him and his wife Abby, that little stud is Will or Billy as I like to call him, and there’s baby Bugsy in Abby’s stomach.”

“You’re even hotter in person,” Ashley blurted out causing Bugsy, Abby, and Riley to laugh.

“You do realize you just said that out loud,” Riley said and Ashley blushed.

“Oh shit,” she said horrified, “I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, it happens all the times and yeah I am pretty hot,” Ryan joked.

“Looks like someone has been hanging around with Stamkos too much,” Riley joked back asthey walked up the stairs to Steven’s living room.

“Yay, the Birthday girl is here and she’s on time,” Adam Hall shouted before giving Riley a hug.

“Nice to see you too, Hallsy,” she said.

“Happy birthday.”

“Thank you,” she replied.

“I’m a little offended that you’ve hugged everyone in the room today except for me,” Vinny said coming down the hall from the bathroom.

“Vincent, vous le bâtard français sexy. Je toujours épargne le meilleur pour dernier.”

“Since when the hell do you speak French?”

“Since Marty taught it to me, speaking of which, where is the mayor of the lollipop guild?”

“He told us to tell you he was sorry that he couldn’t make it, it’s Mason’s birthday.”

“I didn’t know I shared a birthday with him,” Riley said, “We’ll have to celebrate his birthday next weekend or one day this week.”

“We ordered Gourmet Pizza Company for dinner, Steve told me it was your favorite,” Steven lied before coming into the room to give her a hug, “Happy birthday, baby,” he whispered in her ear.

“Thank you,” Riley replied suppressing the urge to kiss Steven and revealing their secret to everyone.

“Hey don’t mind me, I’m Ashley, it’s nice to meet everyone,” Ashley said feeling left out.

“Guys, this is Ashley,” Riley laughed introducing her best friend, “This is Vinny, his almost wife, Caroline, baby Vinny in her stomach, Adam, and that’s Maria, Steve’s girlfriend.”

“Is it a requirement that all players have to have pregnant wives or girlfriends to play for the Bolts,” Ashley asked causing everyone to laugh.

“It seems like it,” Caroline said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, happy birthday Riley.”

“Thanks,” she said leaning down to hug her.

“Pizza or cake first,” Steven asked.

“Stamkos, didn’t your mother ever tell you that you don’t get dessert unless you eat your dinner first,” Riley joked bumping him with her hip behind the counter.

He smirked as he reached down and grabbed her ass causing her to jump, “Two can play this game, lover boy,” she whispered as they sat down at the table to eat the pizza that was stacked in boxes in the center of the table.

Halfway through everyone talking and joking around, Riley reached her hand down under the table and placed it on Steven’s crotch. Thank God everyone was too engaged in their conversations to notice Steven shoot up right.

Riley saw her phone light up and she grabbed it off the table before reading the text message from Ashley, “Holy shit, you’re banging Stamkos.”

“No, I am not, we’re friends.”

“Friends don’t jack friends off at the dining room table while people are around.”

“I’m not touching him.”


As the night wore on, Vinny and Caroline were the first to leave since Caroline was getting tired. Abby, Bugsy, and little Will left after that with Adam. It was now just Maria, Ashley, Steve, and Steven with Riley.

Steve was drunk off his ass and Maria was driving him home, “I think we’re going to go before he passes out,” Maria said standing up from the table.

“Do you mind driving Ashley home,” Riley asked, “I’m going to help Steven clean up then he’s going to help me with this trigonometry project that’s due next week?”

“Yeah sure, Ashley, is that okay with you,” Maria asked.

“That’s no problem, Riley, let me copy it when you finish it so I don’t have to do mine,” Ashley said not catching on that something wasn’t right.

“I’ll call you,” Riley said hugging Ashley.

“Bye Steve,” Steven said clapping him on the back.

Steve slurred his words as he sat his beer bottle down on the table, “You two would look soooooooo cute together,” he slurred pointing to Riley and Steven, “Your babies would totally be adorable.”

“Alright, we’re leaving,” Maria said as Steve wrapped his arms around her waist holding himself up.

“Bye Riley,” Ashley said hugging her as she followed Steve and Maria out of the house.

“Now that I have you all to myself,” Riley smirked as she pinned Steven against the counter. They heard the door open and Maria came up the steps and looked at the two of them suspiciously as she grabbed her purse and left shutting the door behind her, “Go lock the door,” Riley said to Steven.

Steven walked down the stairs and locked it setting the alarm on the wall before he came upstairs and saw Riley sitting on the couch.

“Where’s my present?”

“Let me go grab it,” Steven said walking upstairs to his bedroom.

Riley followed him and Steven jumped when he turned around from the TV stand and saw her on the bed.

“It’s awfully small, I was hoping it’d be bigger,” Riley joked as Steven huffed and sat down on the bed next to her.

“I saw the design in a catalog at the store since they didn’t have the one I wanted and when you open it, you’ll see why I didn’t want to give it to you in front of everybody. I wanted to give you something that would mean a lot to the both of us and it’d be better if it was given privately instead of in front of everyone else.”

“You talk too much,” she replied silencing him with a kiss.

Steven handed her the small silver box and Riley smiled when she took the top off and saw what was inside. It was a gold 91 on a chain and the 1 was a lightning bolt. It could easily pass off as if she was wearing it for Steve but she wasn’t it was for Steven.

“I love it,” she said taking it out of the box, “Help me put it on.”

She lifted her hair and Steven fastened it around her neck before pulling her close to him while placing a kiss on her neck, “I love you,” Steven said finally admitting it not only to himself but to Riley.

Riley turned around so that she was facing Steven, she didn’t say anything at first and Steven was afraid that she wasn’t ready to say it yet and he immediately felt stupid for saying those three words that meant the world to him.

She leaned closer and gave him a kiss, “I love you too, Stamkos.”

Steven smiled as he felt his heart beat out of his chest and he wrapped his arms around her before claiming her lips with his own.

“I still didn’t get the one present I wanted for my birthday,” Riley pouted.

“What else could possibly be better than a brand new Beemer?”

“You making love to me,” she whispered and Steven leaned her back on the bed while slowly unzipping the dress she had on.

“I love you,” he said as he removed his clothes while watching her intensely as she undressed herself.

“I love you too,” she replied as he entered her. She let out a gasp as he mixed his pace. Going fast and slow giving her everything she wanted. There was something different this time about the way they had sex. It wasn’t as rough and as rushed as it was all the other times. Riley smiled contently as Steven collapsed on top of her. Steven ran his fingers through her hair and placed light kisses on her neck and collar bone before kissing her. Riley and Steven were happy just being together and they wanted nothing more than to tell people they were together but they couldn’t and that’s what bugged them the most. Riley went to bed that mine with one more birthday wish on her mind, she wished someone would find out about her and Steven because she was tired of living a lie.